Wedding Cakes Today


The AVERAGE wedding cake should be about 2% of your wedding budget . The standard price for a  100 guest list  $450

to $600 

 per cake on today's market.

Our Wedding Cake Prices


Wedding Cakes take a lot of preparation. Your cake represent "you" to all your guest and so we use all quality products.

Round cakes starting at $3 per serving

Square or other shape starting at  $5.50.per serving

These prices are for cake, buttercream  filling and Icing and boarders. 

****Decorations, Special Flavored Filling and Special cake coverings extra.



As a young bride I was not able to afford a designer cake. I settled on getting a grocery store pre-made cake. It was ok, but not what I had dreamed about. I never wanted another person to feel that disappointment, so we try to work diligently with our clients to give them the cake of their dreams at a price they can afford. We have also set up a LOVE fund that takes 10% of every cake sold to help with those costs. 

*****Our clients can also experience the joys of giving by contributing to this fund, if they desire. By letting us know the amount you would l like to donate when ordering your cake.

Women Owned


My sister and I come from a long line of strong, intelligent and very creative women. Our parents taught us that compassion, honesty and respect are core building blocks for a strong character and that is what we have tried to bring to Killarney Cakes.

Other Products Sold


Take a look at our line of ART. From purses, garden poles, log designs, furniture art, flower arrangements and acrylic and oil portraits and fun art. All original art and made for each customer.

 We also create a very special cannoli and cream puff recipe, cookies and special deserts ,such as our Killarney Cake. An authintic Irish cake with a blend of chocolate, cherry and mint.

All Welcome


We believe that our customers are as unique as each of our cakes.  Each party, love story and celebration creates an opportunity to connect with our fellow human beings.