Who We Are


Hi,  I'm Shannon( the older sister).  I have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. I have lived in Loveland for over 20 years. I love to create and have many outlets for my art.  I am so excited to make the cake of your dreams.


Hi I'm Megan. I have worked at a local craft store for over 10 years and love it.  I worked for several years at Capernwray Hall a Christian college in England and located in a castle. I am well versed in many spectrum of art and design. I love creating delicate floral designs to make magical memories.

Our Name


We have a Irish heritage and with names like Shannon and Megan we wanted to honor this incredible part of the world.

Killarney means "church of the sloes". A sloe is a black thorn berried bush that makes great jams, chutney and wines.

The symbol we have chosen for our logo is  Celtic for sister.